Beware Of The Kids

Beware Of The Kids

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We all know how unruly children can get some time so it best to warn people who approach or enter the house! Hanging this by the front door is best as it will serve as an advance warning of naughty kids ahead! This Beware of the kids hanging sign is made from slate in the shape of a heart.

Being laser engraved means it will never fade or wear out you could even hang it outside and it will survive the winter weather. Hanging it inside will look fabulous and will match any decor perfectly.

Extra information
Size: H 15 cm - W 15 cm - D 0.4cm
Material: Real slate
Mounting: String
Professionally made.
Quality finish.
Uniquely designed by us.
All sizes are approximate.

Design copyright: Occasions Boxed "Trademark Registered"