Personalised Medical Tag
Personalised Medical Tag

Personalised Medical Tag

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Personalised Medical Tags
It is very important to let others know if your child has a medical condition. These tags are designed to attach to school bags, PE kits or lunch bags. They are brightly coloured and will make others aware of conditions such as food allergies, diabetes or that your child needs to take medication.

The image above shows the two colours that are available for this product. The front will have a cross and the words Medical advice tag. The rear side will show the text that you have written.

Rear Side: Add your own text giving advice about the medical condition this will be engraved onto the surface. You could also add names and telephone numbers.

Extra information
Size: H 3.0cm - W 8.0cm - D 0.3cm
Material: Acrylic plastic
All sizes are approximate.

Design copyright: Occasions Boxed "Trademark Registered"