School Label Tag
School label tag

School Label Tag

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A very simple but effective tag to label your children's school things. Attaching these label tags to PE kits, Lunchboxes and school bags will help your child find their things quickly and also help to stop others from taking home their stuff home. 

These labels are also great for around the home or in the workplace. The text in deep engraved on the surface it's permanent and can never rub off. 

Wording choice
This Lunch Bag Belongs to
This Book Bag Belongs to
This P.E Belongs to
These Football Foots Belong to
This Coat Belongs Too
This Swimming Kit Belongs To
This Bag Belongs To
Property Of
If Found Please Return To
Spare Keys For

Extra information
Size: H 3.0cm - W 8.0cm - D 0.3cm
Material: Acrylic
Mounting: Ring included
All sizes are approximate.

Design copyright: Occasions Boxed "Trademark Registered"