I am.. Add Your Own Words
I am.. Add Your Own Words
I am.. Add Your Own Words

I am.. Add Your Own Words

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A unique I am pin badge that you can use to express your views. Add any wording that you like after the words "I Am.." to create a witty and honest statement for everyone to see. You can also pick one of the 15 amazing badge colours making this badge uniquely yours.

Here are some ideas..

I am.. Totally gorgeous
I am.. A trainspotter
I am.. Totally normal "ish"
I am.. Totally ok with who I am
I am.. Only sober on Mondays
I am.. Awesome
I am.. Away with the fairies
I am.. In a world of my own
I am.. The boss around here
I am.. What I am
I am.. Not single
I am.. Not dave
I am.. Always not your girlfriend
I am.. Not a quitter
I am.. A sensitive person
I am.. Not your bank manager 

Note the more words you add the smaller the text will be.

Extra information
Unique design
Size: W 5.8cm
Material: Plastic / Metal
Metal safety pin on rear side
Professionally made
Gloss finish
All sizes are approximate

Design copyright: Occasions Boxed "Trademark Registered"